Westmoreland Conservancy

Westmoreland Conservancy

Westmoreland Conservancy is an all volunteer, non-profit, 501c-3 Corporation dedicated to acquiring and preserving rural and rustic lands for the public good. The Conservancy acquires property through land gifts, private and state grants, and monetary donations (which are tax deductible). The Conservancy has particular interest in land which contains special features (scenic, historic, biological, or endangered and rare species). It also desires to preserve land which provides unique flora, fauna, streams, etc., or land which, because of its location, can help connect reserves and provide “green” corridors. The Conservancy has received several citations for community service and is nationally accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. 

  • 2009: Mayor’s Community Service Award, Murrysville

  • 2011: Mayoral Citation, 20 years Community Service, Murrysville

  • 2013: Achieved National Accreditation

  • 2016: Mayoral Citation, 25 years Community Service, Murrysville

  • 2019: Renewed National Accreditation Status

Westmoreland Conservancy owns more than 600 acres of land distributed through 9 reserves in the Murrysville area. Hiking trails are provided on most of the Conservancy’s nature reserves for the enjoyment of the public. Westmoreland Conservancy also participates in educational outreach activities.


Events held at various locations associated with the Conservancy

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1 Priority Lane, Unit 446

Murrysville PA 15668