What is Westmoreland Heritage?

Westmoreland Heritage is a county-wide partnership that serves as a network for Westmoreland County’s numerous historic and cultural organizations. We also have individual professionals who seek to spread the dual missions of Westmoreland Heritage to as many people as possible.

What are the dual missions?

The two missions of Westmoreland Heritage are:

  • Educate county residents and visitors about our remarkable history and culture.
  • Encourage tourism of those historic & cultural assets and events.

Westmoreland Heritage collaborates with all partners and GO Laurel Highlands to accomplish these missions.

What differentiates Westmoreland Heritage from other local organizations?

Besides being the only regularly scheduled gathering of leaders from the county’s historic and cultural organizations, Westmoreland Heritage also serves as a marketing tool for all partners. Westmoreland Heritage runs three active social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), manages regular partner meetings, hosts a monthly radio show & podcast, and so on. Westmoreland Heritage, summarized, works to promote the incredible work of our partners and encourage as many people as possible to physically visit those sites and events.

OK, that sounds great if I’m an organization, but what if I’m just an individual who wants to partner?

Welcome! As an individual supporter, you are showing your dedication to our dual missions of education and tourism. You also serve as a personal advocate for Westmoreland County’s historic and cultural significance. You have access to the same information and incredible social network as our organizational partners.

Alright, you’ve convinced me! How do I partner?

We’re so happy to have you join. We welcome both organizations and individuals. Please fill out the form linked below. Membership is free.


Partner Application

As a county-wide partnership, we are all stronger when we work together and pool our talents and knowledge. When one partner succeeds, we all reap the benefits of increased tourism and educational exposure.