Fred Rogers Institute

Fred Rogers Institute

Planned under Fred’s guidance and established in 2003 at Saint Vincent College in his hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, the Fred Rogers Institute supports and enriches the important work of those who help children learn and grow across multiple disciplines, including early learning, education, communication, health, media, and more. By focusing our work on strengthening human relationships and promoting meaningful uses of technology and media, we support the current practice and ongoing development of child-serving professionals; expand educational opportunities for all undergraduate students (including the Fred Rogers Scholars); and collaborate in public service and applied research with educational and research institutions and community organizations. Our work is rooted in the southwestern Pennsylvania region, and continues to grow across the United States and around the world.


Fred Rogers offered a distinctly deep, simple, and compassionate voice for the healthy social and emotional development of children and adults. As the official home of the Fred Rogers Archive, the Institute also makes available unique resources that help to deepen our collective understanding of the rich legacy of Fred Rogers and illuminates its continued relevance and applications today.


300 Fraser Purchase Road

Latrobe, PA 15650