Tom Headley

Tom Headley earned a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He held management and executive positions with leading international metals production and recycling companies for more than 30 years prior to retirement on his farm. In addition, Tom served as an elected public official and participated in numerous regional government and non-profit organizations.

With a life-long interest in local history, he was intrigued by the concept of Westmoreland Heritage and the opportunity it offered. He applied, was selected, and embarked on an exciting, challenging and rewarding second career which involved building and nurturing that organization.

Tom currently enjoys an active retirement and remains an individual partner of Westmoreland Heritage.

Louise Bates

Louise’s love for local history and culture brought her to Westmoreland Heritage, where she took the helm with the goal to expand reach and engagement with Westmoreland County residents and visitors.

Louise firmly believed that collaboration, a strong support network, and unity was key to successful partnerships. She quickly gained an understanding of the heritage partners’ strengths and weaknesses, and what was required to assist them navigating the ever growing world of marketing. Louise carved out a strong marketing strategy, incorporating traditional and digital platforms. Louise also launched social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She successfully secured tourism marketing grants for the organization and participated in countless community networking events to strengthen the brand awareness of Westmoreland Heritage.

Louise absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed every working moment in her role at Westmoreland Heritage.  Currently, Louise serves as the Director of Partnership Development at the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau.

Lauren Buches

Born and raised in Westmoreland County, Lauren Buches grew up in the Greater Latrobe School District. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in History and Journalism, Lauren has been working to strengthen the important work of educational, historical, and artistic nonprofits for the past decade, including Bushy Run Battlefield, Carnegie Museums of Art & Natural History, Westmoreland Heritage, and the Red Panda Network.

During her tenure at Westmoreland Heritage, she built upon the work of her predecessors with community outreach to not only the historical and cultural sites of Westmoreland County, but also community nonprofits and civic organizations. Lauren’s most significant contribution was the implementation of the Westmoreland Heritage Partnership Program in 2018 as a way for Westmoreland Heritage to continue providing their services to Westmoreland County historical and cultural sites and community organizations for an annual membership fee—with 40 nonprofit historic, cultural, and civic organizations joining within the first six months.

Currently Lauren serves as the Executive Director of Latrobe Art Center, a community art center and Westmoreland Heritage partner in the heart of downtown Latrobe, PA.

Jessica Petrovich

Jessica’s initiatives during her time as Westmoreland Heritage Director have included the inaugural Westmoreland Heritage Passport Contest and an aggressive effort to expand partnership with sites throughout the county. Her favorite thing about Westmoreland County? The magnificent views of the Chestnut Ridge in her hometown of Latrobe.