Apple Hill Players

Apple Hill Players

For over 40 years the Orchard Performing Arts Company (OPAC) produced high quality theatrical productions in the historic Apple Hill Playhouse in Delmont, PA. When the theater was closed in 2020, OPAC faced an uncertain future. Disheartened, but not defeated, the OPAC board rallied and explored various options to keep their performance group alive. OPAC found an ally in The Theatre Factory in Trafford who was also looking for a way to survive in the new performing arts landscape created by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The two groups agreed to support each other in individual and joint theatrical productions by sharing resources, expenses, personnel, and performance spaces. OPAC is now ready to embrace the future while honoring their past by producing shows under the name, Apple Hill Players. Today, the mission of OPAC and Apple Hill Players remains the same: to preserve and advance the traditions of live theatre through entertainment and education. We hope that you will support and follow us on this journey as we continue to provide the best entertainment that all started with the best little theatre in the country!


Performances conducted at The Trafford Performing Arts Center

235 Cavitt Avenue

Trafford, PA 15085